Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Digital Credit Union American Dream Home-Ownership Program

Digital Federal Credit Union offers a unique deposit account called the American Dream Home-Ownership Program. This account pays a variable rate, currently 5.70% apy, which is adjusted quarterly and "will consistently be among the highest certificate rates offered on the longest term DCU Savings Certificate products". The minimum deposit for this account is $100 and additional deposits can be made any time up to a $25,000 account balance. This account has a 60 month term and will renew at maturity. Withdrawls may be made at any time without penalty when a Residential Purchase & Sale agreement or Offer to Purchase in the name of Prime and/or joint account owner is provided to the credit union. See the Terms of the American Dream Home-Ownership Program on Digital Federal Credit Union's website for more information.

Field of membership in this credit union is extended to those who live, work, worship, or attend school in certain Massachusetts and Georgia communities as well to those belonging to a number of sponsoring organizations and companies. A number of these sponsoring organizations are easy for anyone to join and are listed on Digital's website.


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