Tuesday, August 14, 2007

5.50% Patelco Credit Union 24-35 Month IRA Share Certificates

Patelco Credit Union is offering 5.50% apy on IRA share certificates with maturities ranging from 24 to 35 months. The minimum deposit requirement for these certificates is $500.

Patelco Credit Union also continues to offer a number of other accounts with attractive yields. They continue to offer a 7.00% apy 12 month share certificate special($1,000 maximum deposit) that I originally posted on in June. They also are offering 5.50% apy on a 9 month IRA share certificate special which I posted on last month.

Field of membership in Patelco Credit Union is open to a wide variety of groups and organizations. Anyone who isn't otherwise eligible for membership can become eligible by joining the California Association for Older Americans which is open to anyone regardless of age or geographic location. Simply indicate California Association for Older Americans on your application for Patelco credit union membership.

Patelco Credit Union is privately insured by American Share Insurance up to $250,000 per account and is not federally insured. For more details about American Share Insurance, see the link above.


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