Saturday, August 18, 2007

Advancial 70th Anniversary 20 & 30 Month Share Certificate Specials

Advancial Federal Credit Union is offering two share certificate specials in recognition of their 70th Anniversary. The first is a 20 month share certificate that earns 7% apy for the first three months and then 4.94% apy over months four through twenty. The blended yield for this 20 month certificate is 5.25% apy. The second certificate has a term of 30 months and earns 7.00% apy for the first four months and 5.27% apy over the months five through thirty. This 30th month certificate has a blended yield of 5.51% apy. The minimum deposit requirement for both of these certificates is $7,000.

Field of membership in Advancial Federal Credit Union is extended to those who are employees of certain select employee groups. Advancial has branches in Alaska, Louisiana, and Texas. Contact the credit union for more information.


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