Sunday, October 07, 2007

5.55% Columbia Credit Union 5 Month Share Certificate Special, Possible Bump-Up to 6.65%(with a blende yield of 6.16%)

Columbia Credit Union is offering a share certificate special for one day only on October 18th in celebration of International Credit Union Day. This 5 month share certificate pays a guaranteed 5.55% apy. If it rains 5.55 inches or more at the Portland, Oregon airport in November, this certificate will earn an extra .55% apy begining on December 10th. If it rains 5.55 inches in Decmeber, this certificate will earn an additional .55% apy begining on January 10th. If it rains enough in both months, this certificate will earn a yield of 6.65% apy from January 10th on for a blended rate of 6.16% apy. Since this is an Oregon based credit union, there's a good chance there will be some rainy weather in the coming months. You must have a personal or business checking account with the credit union to qualify for this special. The minimum deposit requirement for this special is $500 and at least 50% of the money used to fund this certificate must be new to the credit union.

Field of membership in Columbia Credit Union is extended to those who live or work in Washington State or in Jantzen Beach/Hayden Island, Oregon. Membership is also extended to those who belong to any of a number of certain select employer groups. Contact the credit union for further information.


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