Friday, December 14, 2007

USA Federal Credit Union, Jumbo Share Certificate Yields as High as 5.17%

USA Federal Credit Union is offering yields of up to 5.17% apy on their share certificates. Yields are listed below:

Term Yield
12 Month 4.80%
24 Month 4.85%
36 Month 4.91%
48 Month 5.01%
60 Month 5.17%

The minimum deposit requirement for these yields is $100,000. Regular share certificates are available with lower rates and lower minimum deposit requirements. See site for details.

Field of membership in USA Federal Credit Union includes those who are active or retired military as well as those who are members of many others organizations and employee groups. If you find that you don't fall under any of these groups, membership in the Prime Meridian Association is another avenue to membership. For more information on the Prime Meridian Association, you can contact USA FCU.


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