Sunday, February 17, 2008

5.25% MIT Federal Credit Union 12 Month Jumbo IRA Share Certificate Speical

MIT Federal Credit Union(MITFCU) is offering 5.25% apy on a 12 month jumbo IRA share certificate. The minimum deposit requirement for this certificate is $50,000. Regular 12 month IRA share certificates are also available with a .25% lower yield and a minimum deposit requirement of $500. To qualify for these yields you must have an active MIT Federal Credit Union checking account with direct deposit of your net pay, pension, or social security into a MITFCU account. See site for details.

Field of membership in MIT Federal Credit Union includes employees of MIT who work in or are paid from Cambridge or Lexington, Massachusetts as well as current students at MIT. Members of other certain select employer oganizations are also eligible for membership. See site for details.


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