Saturday, February 02, 2008

Credit Union Share Certificates Available to All, Yields up to 5.05%

Yields on credit union share certificates have dropped significantly since the begining of the year as many credit unions have discontinued certificate specials and lowered rates across the board. Alliant Credit Union dropped the yield on their market leading 12 month mini jumbo share certificate to 4.90%, still the highest yield available to all on a 12 month cd that I'm aware of.

At the start of the new year there were numerous credit unions offering 5.00% apy on a 5 year share certificate. Now Coastal Federal Credit Union is the only credit union open to all with a 5 year share certificate yielding 5.00% apy or above. Deposits begining at $500 earn this yield, while their jumbo shares earn 5.15% apy.

An updated date list comparing credit union and bank yields can be found on FINANCEALLSTARS.COM. If you find a higher rate from a financial institution that anyone can open a certificate at please feel free to add to the list there.


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