Monday, March 10, 2008

Patelco Credit Union High Yield Deposit Accounts

Patelco Credit Union continues to offer a number of high yielding accounts. They are offering a 7.00% apy new member special with a $1,000 min/max deposit requirement. For those 21 and under, Patelco offers 8.00% apy on the first $1,000 in their "gr8 r8" youth share savings account through 12/31/2008. They are also offering 5.12% apy on deposits in their Health Savings Account.

Patelco also continues to offer a $50 checking account bonus I posted on earlier this month.

Field of membership in Patelco Credit Union is open to a wide variety of groups and organizations. Anyone who isn't otherwise eligible for membership can become eligible by joining the California Association for Older Americans which is open to anyone regardless of age or geographic location. Simply indicate California Association for Older Americans on your application for Patelco credit union membership.


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