Tuesday, April 01, 2008

6.14% Justice Federal Credit Union Grow With Me Youth Share Certificate ($1,000 initial maximum)

Justice Federal Credit Union is now offering 6.14% apy on their Grow With Me youth share certificate. This is up from last month when I first posted about this account. The minimum/maximum initial funding requirement for this account is $1,000. For every birthday under the age of 18, an additional $1,000 can be deposited into the account. After 12 months this account switches to a variable rate which is based on the Fed Funds Rate plus a margin of 1.00%. At the age of 18 this account will turn into a student checking account. See site for complete details.

Field of membership in Justice FCU is open to relatives of eligible members, a variety of contractor employees, US and DC Court employees, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice employees and retirees, as well as members of certain Law Enforcement Associations and other eligible groups. Many should be able to find themselves eligible for membership in Justice FCU by being a member of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association.


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