Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hillside Hospital Federal Credit Union Update, 6%+ Now Available on Multiple Certificates

Hillside Hospital Federal Credit Union is offering rates of 6% apy or higher on a number of certificate shares. They are currently offering 6.17% apy on a 25-35 month Flex IRA certificate with a minimum deposit of $500. The jumbo version of this certificate earns 6.38% apy with a minimum deposit of $20,000. The jumbo 20-24 month Flex IRA is offered at 6.17% apy. Finally, the jumbo regular 24 month certificate is being offered at 6.01% apy. The field of membership for this credit union includes employees, certain volunteers, and retirees of the "North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System, its satellite facilities and the Queen’s Hospital Center affiliation in Queens Village, West Hempstead, Bayside, Jamaica, Far Rockaway or New York, New York". Membership is also extended to "attending physicians and their staff of the above medical facilities" as well as residents of Bell Park Manor Terrace and family members of current members.


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