Thursday, January 10, 2008

8.00% Educational Community Credit Union 8 Month Share Certificate Special($500 Max), Other High Yields & Special Offers Available

Educational Community Credit Union currently has attractive offers on a number of their financial products. Their highest yielding offer is the "Who's Who" certificate. This 8 month share certificate special yields 8.00% apy. The minimum/maximum deposit for this account is $500 and this certificate may be opened as a regular or an IRA account. This special is being offered through March 31st, 2008.

The credit union is also offering an .80% apy bonus on all their regular and IRA share certificates. The current yields for their certificates are listed below:

Term Apy
6 Month 5.03%
12Month 5.05%
24Month 5.18%
36Month 5.24%
48Month 5.29%
60Month 5.34%

The minimum deposit requirement for these certificates is $500.

Educational Community Credit Union is also offering a great rate on a 10 year fixed rate mortgage. They currently are offering 4.99% apr on this loan and they are currently waiving their usual $300 application fee.

Field of membership in Educational Community Credit Union is extended to a number of educational employees in a 21 Michigan county area among others. See site for details.


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