Friday, January 04, 2008

Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union Promotions, 5.55% 12 Month Share Certificate Special & 0% 6 Month Visa Credit Card Offer

Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union is offering a couple of attractive offers. They are offering 5.55% apy on a 12 month share certificate special when you open a new product with the credit union. The minimum deposit requirement for this special is $500 and there is a maximum deposit limit of $12,000. This offer ends January 18th.

The credit union is also offering 0% apr for 6 months for new Platinum Visa account holders. After the promotional period the rate for this account will revert to the ordinary fixed rate, currently 7.9% apr. This card features no balance transfer fees and no cash advance fees when used at the ASFUC branch office.

Field of membership in Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union is extended those who belong to any of a number of education related organizations in Aurora, Colorado in addition to others groups. See site for details.


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