Monday, December 17, 2007

Credit Union Youth Savings Accounts and Certificates

There are a number of credit unions that offer above average yields on savings accounts and share certificates to their youth membership. Below is a list of these accounts that I have come across:

8.00% apy Patelco "gr8 r8" Youth Share Savings Account Rate good up to the first $1,000. Open to all.

8.00% apy Watermark Credit Union High 5 Savings Account 8.00% apy on the first $500 in their High 5 Savings accounts for members 17 and under. Open to all.

6.00% Diablo Valley Federal Credit Union 7 Month Youth Share Certificate $10,000 max. California based Credit Union.

6.00% United Financial Credit Union 6 Month Youth Share Certificate $2,000 max. Michigan based Credit Union.

8.00% Southern Select Community Credit Union 18 Month Youth Share Certificates 8.00% on first $1,000. North Carolina based Credit Union.

6.00% Bethpage Federal Credit Union Youth Savings Account 6.00% on the first $1,000. Long Island, New York based Credit Union.

7.5% BECU's Youth Saver's Account 7.5% APY on the first $500. BECU is open to all WA residents and many other qualifying applicants.

Please leave a comment about any other high yielding youth account you have come across.


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